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Unlock the power
of voice

The world of audio allows unprecedented possibilities for systematic, fundamental and corporate traders. The Helios platform has extracted meaningful data from corporate audio events to deliver a brand new channel of alpha generation. Quantitative firms can leverage our Comprehend product to access to-the-blade tonal analytics while non-quant teams can leverage Mercury for a more human-readable tonal sentiment score (-5 to 5). This all all rooted and backed by cutting edge neuroscience, neurolinguistics and tonal machine learning. Read our white paper below for the full abstract

Everyone’s voice leaks information on what they are really thinking. Some call this a window into the mind. These micro-oscillations expose when you don’t quite sound like yourself. This tonal dissonance can be turned into an important measure for how one truly understands the statements they are saying. A CEO knows about the future firm performance better than anyone else given their level of information access… now you can access a glimpse of that through Helios' tonal analytics. The case study below highlights one particular equity and their tonal sentiment scores that were canaries in the coal mine.

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