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Voice Products for Any Type of Trader.

From quantitative data feeds, custom audio analytics and dashboard access.

Our flagship product for quantitative and systematic teams. With over 200 unique tonal features per statement analyzed, the ability to improve your alpha is awaiting. All built upon best-in-class Google Cloud technologies so you can easily integrate.
  • Shown to generate at least 60 basis points
  • Derived from voice alone
  • Access now before the rest
Case Study
The following research highlights particular utilization of our Comprehend product to product over 60 basis points improvement in a trading strategy. There is a combination of academic research with use case application.
Comprehend API Docs for Developers
Our modern REST access allows any quantitative firm to integrate directly into their system with ease.
A next-generation API product that allows financial use cases beyond what Comprehend strictly delivers. This allows custom audio to be submitted and tonal analytics to be provided back to the customer. These are derived using our advanced AI engine that powers Comprehend but is entirely unique to the audio submitted. The possibilities are endless.
  • Modern REST API for uploading audio
  • Allows extraction of tonal sentiment from any audio file
  • Best-in-class security to support any financial use case
Case Study
The power of voice and what tonal sentiment unlocks is showcased in a joint case study released in August 2021. As it details below, the text analysis married with the Helios Mercury API data, enables traders to get even more capabilities within financial audio events. This same concept could be applied to other domains in the financial space like compliance, sales, customer service and beyond.
Mercury API Docs for Developers
The following will provide clear examples and specifications on utilizing the REST API. To request trial keys please contact our sales team below.